UKIP activist shoots Labour campaigner in Catcliffe

Fascists have always been known for their violent ways of getting their point across, and it looks like that way of thinking includes UKIP members too. The Rotherham Advertiser (17th April 2015) this week reports on Labour candidate for Wingfield ward, Richard Price, being shot at with an air rifle whilst canvassing in Catcliffe.


This just goes to show the type of supporters that UKIP (and the far right) has, and it is disgusting that violence of any kind is used against those trying to express their own opinions. These actions are what UKIP and the right wing’s doctrine of hatred inspires, and those involved should be brought to justice immediately.

No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.

– Aneurin Bevan (Founder of the NHS). A quote that we can apply to the right wing in general.


UKIP activist shoots Labour campaigner in Catcliffe

Who’s side are you on?

The official list of candidates for the Hellaby ward has been released! Your choices are as below:

LABOUR (Jenny Andrews) – Failed the people of Rotherham, created a council built on institutionalised bullying and political correctness, responsible for failing more than 1,400 vulnerable children in the borough by failing to protect them from CSE. A party of career politicians, rather than anyone with a real interest in helping people, and a party that has ditched its roots and its core following: the working class.

UKIP (Richard Fleming) – Always changing policies, with one common theme: racism, homophobia, sexism, and all the other bad “ism”‘s. Self-proclaimed Thatcherites – wanting to “keep alive the flame of Thatcher” (Nigel Farage)… the same woman who destroyed Rotherham & the North. The party who’s leader in Rotherham (Caven Vines) wasted his breath trying to convince me that “Bongo Bongo land” is real. Rotherham can do better!

TORY (Anne Middleton) – The party for those who live in a totally different world; the party for those who believe the rich should get richer, and the poor should become poorer. The party that has worsened the lives of so many over their past 5 year rule, as well as the party that ruined the once thriving coal mining and steel industries in South Yorkshire during the 1980s. Go hand in hand with UKIP.

Or, last but not least.

Your independent socialist candidate – me, Shaun Barratt. A new, young face, who will work his hardest for the people of Rotherham, oppose all cuts and protect public services, fight for a living wage, a ban on zero hour contracts, more jobs, investment, and growth, better infrastructure, and a more transparent and democractic council with more referendums and accountability. For a more in depth view of my policies and pledges, click here –

Make your vote count in Hellaby this May. Vote Shaun Barratt, independent socialist!

Who’s side are you on?

A brief introduction – who I am and my pledges

Hi there. My name is Shaun Barratt. I am 19 years of age and come from Maltby, where I was born and raised, and currently live on the Cliff Hills estate. I was educated at Maltby Academy, then going on to achieve my A-Levels in Politics, Economics and English Language at Thomas Rotherham College. I was previously a parish councillor at 18 for the East ward of Maltby Town Council.

I am standing because I want to give the voters of Hellaby ward a proper alternative to the mainstream parties. An alternative to the racist, fascist UKIP, an alternative to the ConDems that have lied to us and failed us as a coalition, and an alternative to the Labour Party who have failed the people of Rotherham, through the recent revelations in the Jay/Casey reports.

My pledges to you, in brief:

1) No cuts – I want better public services in Hellaby and Rotherham and to attract investment, jobs, and growth. By cutting spending, this only seeks to depress the local economy. I want to get people in work, expand local businesses, raise spending and get the economy moving again. I will not let public services fail or fall into ill-fated private hands.

2) A living wage for local workers – I will liaise with businesses in the area to pay a living wage to workers – currently £7.85 an hour, higher than the minimum wage. The minimum wage is not adequate to provide a comfortable standard of living. I will provide incentives for companies in the borough to pay the living wage, and heavily scrutinise those who pay the minimum wage to their workers.

3) More referendums. Especially with the advent of 4 year fixed terms for Rotherham Council from 2016, it is easy for councillors to make fake promises then backtrack on them when they are elected. I want to fight for more referendums on the issues that affect the electorate. Direct democracy is the best form of democracy, and this gives more power to the people, putting the decision making into your hands.

4) Campaign for local infrastructure improvements. If elected, I will fight to have improvements to the infrastructure in Hellaby ward. One idea I have is for a bypass from the M18 around Hellaby/Maltby, reducing traffic flow in the area and reducing noise and dangers around residential areas. I will listen to the people of the ward and take on board their ideas to improve local infrastructure, and fight vigorously to make these proposals become reality.

5) Demand a public inquiry into child sexual exploitation and the failings of Rotherham Council/South Yorkshire Police. The damning findings of the Jay/Casey reports into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and the cover-ups and lies by Rotherham Council show the need for a public inquiry into what has happened in Rotherham. Those councillors and policemen who have failed us should be brought to justice and serve the appropriate time for what they have done. Moving forward, it is time to give Rotherham a good reputation as a safe, happy place to live and work. The first step to this is bringing those involved to justice!

This blog will be updated in the run up to polling day on Thursday 7th May 2015. I will be out campaigning throughout the ward, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and holding stalls. I am free to answer any questions here, on my Facebook page, or over the phone.

Tel: 07747380439

Address: 49 Addison Rd, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8DW

A brief introduction – who I am and my pledges